von Ava Nassiri (Q2)

Who would have thought that a Q2 class trip could be both – informative and enjoyable? The following short report will try to show this.

Our two English classes with Mrs. Böhn-Kaiser and Dr. Liesemann had decided to go to Malta.

After we had arrived in Malta very late on Saturday 8th June, we were driven to our hotel in Sliema, at the east coast of the island. We unpacked our things to have a short restful night for our plans on Sunday. On this day we had a city tour through Valletta, the capital of Malta. After breakfast we went there by ferry where an experienced tour guide told us a lot about the special sights of Malta, Valletta and its history. We enjoyed our first day in this antique city with hot weather and lots of sunshine. On Monday morning we continued our ritual of having breakfast together and went to the west of the island afterwards. Arriving there we watched a short film in 4D about the Standing Stones, “Hagar Qim”, which we then also visited. We spent a few hours at this megalithic temple complex and then drove back to join an interesting harbor cruise. It showed us “The Grand Harbour” around Valletta, which is a natural harbourand offered protection in wars in the earlier days. On our third day we visited the St. Paul’s Catacombs at Rabat and the old beautiful city “Mdina” with its famous Game of Thrones gate. The catacombs are three different ancient underground grave systems on the main island of the Mediterranean archipelago, which show traces of Christian usage and are over hundred sixteen hundred years old. The last day’s focus lied on the sea around Malta itself as we had a grand island boat tour. It was an all-day event, where we also made a three-hours stop at the “Blue Lagoon” at the south west of the small island Comino. Due to that we were able to relish the crystal clear water and the different food booths.

To conclude, our trip was a mixture of enjoying and learning interesting facts about the lovely little island in the Mediterranean Sea.